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How to Live as Essence

A Self-Guided Centering and Grounding
Meditation Course


Finding Yes: The First Step

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A Life of Balance

I teach a method, a series of specific tools that I call Energy Awareness Tools which are used to increase Consciousness, Self- Awareness and lead to Self-Healing. 


Many people talk about wanting to be more centered and needing to live more in the moment. There is a lot of scientific evidence that points to mindfulness as being at the heart of inner contentment, greater wellness and health, yet there are few people who teach a specific method for achieving this. 

The tools I teach have been refined and taught to many students over many years. The method is good, it works,and can be set aside when it's no longer required. It's not meant to be a crutch- it's a bridge to developing your sense of intuition, trust in your inner wisdom and ability to self-heal.