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Spiritual Intuitive Teacher, Healer and Shiatsu Therapist

Would you like to live a more joy-filled life but don't know how?

Have you ever had an argument and found yourself replaying it in your head for days, maybe even years later?


That's an example of losing space to other energy.

Have you ever been feeling really good and then spent a few minutes in someone's company only to walk away feeling worse?

That's an example of matching, or sympathetically resonating with someone's energy.

Have you ever found yourself saying something, totally out of character and wondered later why you did that?

That's an example of unintentionally channelling other energy.

The fact is we are energy, and learning to recognize, manage and heal that energy is the first step in living a more joyful life.





Hello, I'm Kendall Anne Dixon and I teach Energy Awareness. I've been teaching Energy Awareness for over 20 years.


Before that I studied meditation for about a decade but during that time I continued to struggle with anxiety, panic attacks and negative self-talk. And while I could hear my intuition, I often failed to follow through- even when I  knew it was in my best interest.

It wasn't until I learned how to Center and Ground specifically

that all changed for me.

Many people talk about wanting to be more Centered and needing to live more in the moment, yet how to Center and Ground are rarely taught- not specifically.

In Finding Yes: The First Step I teach step-by-step how to Center and Ground.


When you are Centered your mind is quiet, you can eliminate negative self-talk and you are more connected with your intuition.


When you Ground- you can make it real, and begin
to make decisions and choices that are in your highest good.

The course is easy to use, simple to follow and you can practice Centering and Grounding in as little as 15 minutes a day.


Anyone can find fifteen minutes in a day to practice.

I look forward to working with you!



Getting Started Is Easy!


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Learn to live as Essence in as little

as 15 minutes a day!

The self-guided course includes

  •  200 page E-Book

  • A full PDF of the curriculum
    for printing.

  • The entire course in video/ slide presentation

  • Two video guided meditations for daily practise.

  • Two audio meditations that
    that can be played on any device.


03. Light Green-1.jpg

You will receive a clickable PDF in your welcome email

The Welcome Email will contain a
clickable PDF that will contain all the links you need for the course videos, in the order you need them.


All you need to do is follow the guide to complete the course.

You will also receive a zip file containing the complete E-book, 2 audio meditations and the PDF of the curriculum for printing.


Follow the course in the clickable PDF

 Beginning with the Welcome Video that details everything you need to know.

Don’t forget to join the private Facebook group ( link in PDF) only open to people who have purchased the course!

There, you can connect with other people taking the steps and receive free invites to webinars and updated videos.

Finding Yes: The First Step


An E-Book in two file formats that you can read on any device.

2 Video/Audio recordings of meditations for daily practice

The full curriculum as a PDF that you can print out to read away from any device. 

6 video/slide presentations of the full course


"Kendall teaches a method of centering which I've never

  come across before, and it has really improved my meditation   practice!

— Natalie M.

Pink Flower Petals

Knowing something and having a way to practice it is not the same thing. These classes and tools are a clear, fundamental way to practice being Centered, Grounded and Present.

 When Centered, the mind is quiet and the intuitive voice is much easier to hear. You are then able to make choices and decisions that are in your highest good.


While Centering helps you to hear your intuition, Grounding helps you to act on it and make it real.

A Tower of Stones

"If the only prayer you ever said was thank you, it would be enough." Meister Eckart

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