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In Finding Yes: The First Step Kendall shares the simple yet potent tools and method that helped her into awareness and living as Essence. With engaging anecdotes and stories Kendall also tells the story of how she used these tools to heal and transform her life.



A Life of Balance

I teach a method, a series of specific tools that I call Energy Awareness Tools which are used to increase Consciousness, Self- Awareness and lead to Self-Healing. 

Many people talk about wanting to be more centered and needing to live more in the moment. There is a lot of scientific evidence that points to mindfulness as being at the heart of inner contentment, greater wellness and health, yet there are few people who teach a specific method for achieving this. 

The tools I teach have been refined and taught to many students over many years. The method is good, it works,and can be set aside when it's no longer required. It's not meant to be a crutch- it's a bridge to developing your sense of intuition, trust in your inner wisdom and ability to self-heal. 


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We don’t have any products to show right now.

We don’t have any products to show right now.


"Not everything happens for a reason, but all things that happen can be used for good. Using these tools, you will learn how to use everything for your highest good".



I graduated from the 2 year program of Shiatsu at The Shiatsu School of Canada in 1991, and had an extensive career in Shiatsu for 30 years. Working for some of the most exclusive hotels in Vancouver my career has included being a Shiatsu Therapist to some of the most famous people in the world, including royalty, dignitaries, rock stars, movie stars and elite athletes.

During this time I studied pranayama, Iyengar yoga, Siddha Yoga and various chanting and meditation techniques. However, it wasn't until I developed a serious autoimmune disease that I discovered the Energy Awareness Tools (in 2000) that I now teach.

After taking Class 1 with my former Teacher, my disease went into remission and I committed to working with these Tools. I studied 9 years with my former teacher, became a teacher under her umbrella (after graduating from her teacher training program in 2005) and opened Awaken Wellness, a meditation and massage studio, where I taught small groups weekly. In 2009 I left my former spiritual group to pursue teaching privately, to focus on my own curriculum, and inner work. Since 2012 I have taught one to one privately and am currently working on a book that represents my curriculum.

What I can tell you is that these tools are deceptively simple and incredibly potent at the same time. They have the ability to transform in ways that always surprise and astonish. I've experienced this myself; going from being so ill I couldn't work to being in remission in a matter of months. I also experienced life-changing effects in my personal life including a sense of well being. I now live with ease, joy and inner sense of contentment I never thought possible. Life is not perfect, yet I am capable of finding the balance regardless of the outer circumstance. Something I could never have dreamed of before.

 I've seen similar changes in my students. I invite you to explore the Energy Awareness Tools that I teach and welcome you to purchase Class 1 or attend one of my up-coming Web Events. I also take a limited number of private one to one clients that I teach via video conferencing. Occasionally I still teach small groups and you can join my email list if you wish to have up-dates on these events.





Knowing something and having a way to practice it is not the same thing. These classes and tools are a clear, fundamental way to practice being centered, grounded and present.


As a Spiritual Being in a physical body you have the ability to focus your awareness wherever you choose. Learning to consciously choose to Centre is the first and most fundamental tool that I teach. It is the first step.It promotes essential connection, access to a state of neutrality, and the ability to self-heal. When Centered, the mind is quiet and the inutitive voice is much easier to hear. You are then able to make choices and decisions that are in your highest good.

Buddha Statue


Learning to Ground consciously as Essence, is an energetic tool that supports Centering. It helps the body to feel real and promotes inhabitation which in turn assists being conscious in the present moment.While Centering helps you to hear your intuition, Grounding helps you to act on it and make it real.

A Tower of Stones


"If the only prayer you ever said was thank you, it would be enough." Meister Eckart

Outdoor Meditation

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