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We Are Energy

"I found this gentle and profound course to be a clear distillation of Kendall's decades of spiritual practice and teaching energy awareness. I believe it contains all I would need to further deepen my own practice leading toward a continuing experience of the warmth and lightness of being" Anonda Berg

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Are you ready to reduce anxiety and elminiate self-doubt but don't know how?

Finding Yes is a quick easy to follow program. To help you shift easily, while providing you the tools to reduce anxiety, eliminate negative self-talk and activate your intuition. You can start feeling better right  and live with more Joy right now.

What Does it Mean to Be Centered?

We all know what it feels like to be in the flow, to have everything going smoothly
with ease and most of us know what it feels like when things start going sideways.

Yet most of us can’t say what being Centered really means- or how to get there, or get
back to it when things start to slide.

What Does it Mean to Be Grounded?

Many people say they need to ground, or know when they feel ‘ungrounded’ yet aren’t sure exactly
what to do to change it. How to be more grounded when needed.

What Does it Mean to have better Boundaries?

Again, many of us will say we need better boundaries but aren’t exactly sure what that means or how to create it. Often we will focus on other energy so-called ‘toxic’ or negative energy, but the fact is, once you are fully inhabiting your own space as Essence, it won’t matter what other people are doing.

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Hi There!

I’m Kendall Anne Dixon and I’ve been studying Energy Awareness and Meditation for over Thirty Years. Specifically I’ve been teaching this course since 2005.

I came to this work like many people…needing to be more Centered, knowing I needed it, but
not sure how to achieve it. I was also faintly aware that I needed better boundaries but didn’t get how important it was for my health and wellness.


Without question, these tools changed my life. I had been a Shiatsu Therapist for many years when I
discovered Centering and Grounding and while I had already been practising various forms of meditation for over a decade I was still struggling with burn out, taking on other people's energy and anxiety. It wasn't until I learned how to Center and Ground specifically, that all changed for me.


Now Only $47


Lock in this low price Today

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