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Are you ready to reduce anxiety and elminiate self-doubt but don't know how?

Finding Yes is a quick easy to follow program. To help you shift easily, while providing you the tools to reduce anxiety, eliminate negative self-talk and activate your intuition. You can start feeling better right  and live with more Joy right now. 

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Now Only $47

Lock in this low price Today

In Finding Yes you will discover how to Center and Ground, two essential tools of meditation that are rarely taught. Reduce anxiety, eliminate inner negative self-talk and have better, clearer access to your innate intuition and inner knowing- quickly.


Quickly shifting into a more joyful and peaceful state so you can make the best decisions and choices- making you more effective in your life.

I’m sharing what I’ve learned from my meditation practice

of over 30 Years. 

That making small shifts inwardly can lead to big changes outwardly…

How being Centered helped me to become a greater force for good in my own life and the lives of those around me…

Which lead me to using these simple steps to create the joyful and healing practice I still use everyday.

Finding Yes: The First Step has been years in the making….
but it’ll only take you five days to implement.

In my experience as a teacher of Energy Awareness over the last 20 years most people need a method, a step-by-step instruction in how to Center and Ground and a way to practice in order to get the benefits.

Finding Yes: The First Step is a step-by-step method, a complete guide
to being more Centered and living a Joyful Life. 

Ready to be more Centered and effective in your life right now?
( Um...OF COURSE, you are!) 

Get started with Finding Yes: The First Step Today!


Now Only $67

 Energy Awareness

Would you like to live a more joy-filled life but don't know how?

Have you ever had an argument and found yourself replaying it in your head for days, maybe even years later?


That's an example of losing space to other energy.

Have you ever been feeling really good and then spent a few minutes in someone's company only to walk away feeling worse?

That's an example of matching, or sympathetically resonating with someone's energy.

Have you ever found yourself saying something, totally out of character and wondered later why you did that?

That's an example of unintentionally channelling other energy.

The fact is we are energy, and learning to recognize, manage and heal that energy is the first step in living a more joyful life.


So… why Finding Yes?  And what does that even mean?

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Hello, I’m Kendall Anne Dixon 
A Shiatsu Therapist, Energy Teacher, and Healer with over 30 years of experience.


I’ve worked with people from all walks of life and around the world in groups and individual sessions teaching them to Center and Ground- helping them BE who they TRULY are and connect directly with their inner wisdom and intuition.


So they can live healthier, happier lives with joy and purpose. But it wasn't always that way for me. Before using these tools myself I studied meditation for about a decade and during that time I continued to struggle. I couldn't understand it, I meditated all the time but didn't feel the inner peace and calm I was looking for. It wasn't until I began Centering and Grounding- specifically, working with energy awareness tools, that all changed for me.

So when the pandemic hit, it raised a question for me.

With all the struggles people have right now, from the pandemic to climate crisis and with more people than ever dealing with anxiety and uncertainty.. whether it’s because of their own situation or because of the situation their loved ones are in. I wondered, how I could help?


 It was clear to me that the way I had been teaching ( in expensive one-to-one sessions) wasn't going to do it.

So I asked myself....

“How can I help? What can I teach people right now that would be of help to them? That they can learn quickly, begin practicing immediately, and get results right away?

I didn't ask how can I teach them my entire Energy Awareness Class....that can take weeks to implement and integrate. 


I just asked.... How can I help right now? What can I teach that they can learn quickly and begin practicing right away? So that they can access some peace and calm right now, when they need it the most?


The answer was simple and clear- The First Step, show them how to Center and Ground- two simple yet effective meditation and healing tools that are rarely taught.

Centering for accessing a state of neutrality (to help eliminate stress, anxiety, panic) and being more connected with your inner wisdom and intuition. 

Grounding to make it real. To bring that inner wisdom and guidance into everyday life, to be able to make decisions and choices that are in the highest good for all concerned.

These are the same tools I’ve been using for over 20 years myself, to transform and heal my life. 
Tools that help you recognize and shift your awareness quickly into a state of flow, ease and joy.


A workshop that can be done in five days or less.

Using my unique teaching methods (such as practicing through contrasts) to help you quickly and easily experience being more Centered and Grounded right now. 

Inside Finding Yes: The First Step I share

  • Simple and effective Centering Tool you can use anywhere

  • The 4 more common ways we focus ( when not Centered) and how to shift quickly into a more Centered state.

  • The Grounding tool we all need to support Centering.

  • A clear practice guide for making these tools a part of your everyday life. 

Complete with a 200-page e-book and 6 video tutorials that are easy to follow and implement.

Each module is only Fifteen Minutes- and anyone can find Fifteen Minutes in a day to practice! 

Normally I only offer this course in expensive one-to-one sessions. It is available now for the first time as a self-guided course, one where you set the pace and take each step as you are ready. 

You can’t buy this from me anywhere else at this price point.


Imagine....being able to reduce anxiety, quiet your mind and increase your intuition using two easy tools.

When I first began using these tools over 20 years ago I had already been meditating for over a decade, yet I continued to struggle with anxiety, panic attacks and inner self-negative talk, and while I could hear my intuition, I often failed to follow through.


It wasn’t until I learned how to Center and Ground- specifically that all started to change. 

In my experience people need step-by-step instructions on how to Center and Ground in order to get the benefits. 

That’s why I created Finding Yes: The First Step.

So you can begin feeling better right now, reduce anxiety immediately
and quickly shift into a more healing, helpful and effective state. 

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Grab Finding Yes Today 


Now Only $67

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In Finding Yes: The first Step you will receive

  • A 200-page ebook in two file formats that you can read on any device.

  • Plus a PDF version of the curriculum for printing out.

  • 6 video/audio recordings of the ebook in case you prefer to listen rather than read.

  • 5 video/audio recordings of the Curriculum- step-by-step guidance 

Inside the tutorial I share:

  • How to Center in the Center of your head

  • How to recognize yourself as energy and natural radiance of energy

  • How to experience the 6 more common forms of focusing- and discover your personal defaults. 

Inside the tutorial I also share:

How to Ground

Some common Grounding contrasts.
You will also receive: 

  • 2 video/audio recordings of meditations for daily practice.

  • audio-only meditation for daily practice that can be used on any device.1

  • audio-only gratitude meditation that can be used on any device. 1

Access to the private FB group Finding Yes:

The First Step is where you can ask questions and connect with others doing the course! 

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Now Only $67

findingyes mockup image.png

This is an introductory price only and will be available for only a short time.


Here’s what you’ll learn inside Finding Yes: The First Step:


Super simple techniques for knowing the difference between being Centered and the other forms of focusing you may have been practicing. 

The four most common forms of focusing (when not centered) and how to shift quickly into a more Centered state. 

How to recognize yourself as energy. Every light has a natural glow- so too do you. 
You will be able to know yourself and live as energy.

Step-by-Step Grounding tool that you will be able to implement immediately and use in any situation in your life. 

Discover the various states of grounding so you can choose the one that is the most supportive for you. 
Use a guided daily meditation that will enhance and deepen your practice along with a daily gratitude meditation. 

Complete with all the video and audio tutorials you need to make this simple and easy

This is ideal for you for you if:


The Helper

As an innate helper you tend to put other’s needs before your own.You are highly capable but get overwhelmed and burned out. 

These tools will help you recognize, manage and heal your own energy. Then, you can choose to help the loved ones in your life without sacrificing your own wellness.

Image by Hendrik Kespohl

The Empath

You're a highly sensitive person, who knows they tend to take on  energy from the people and places around them. You experience anxiety, panic attacks and/or inner negative self-talk.

You will reduce anxiety, eliminate negative self-talk and gain the quiet mind you need to hear your intuition.

Image by Dave Hoefler

The Seeker

If you're beginner who finds meditation intimidating, doesn't believe they can do it,or has tried unsuccessfully in the past.

The step-by-step instructions for the Centering tools and guided meditations are not like anything you’ve ever learned before. My unique process of learning will help you access deep meditative states with ease. 

Image by Gradienta

The Analyzer

If you're always in your head constantly thinking and analyzing,  and find it difficult to turn off.


This course is will help you Center in the Stillness Within. You will have access to a state of relief from your inner dialogue. You will find your path and make real progress in your personal development.

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This course will only be available at this price for a short time. It’s not available at this price anywhere else

Step 1

Grab your digital copy of Finding Yes: The First Step here

Step 2

Check your inbox for your welcome email-this will include a clickable PDF

Step 3

Click on the links in the PDF so you can jump in and get started right away!

Step 4

Join the private FB group so you can connect with others taking the course and have access to special offers.

What Our Students Say 

"I found this gentle and profound course to be a clear distillation of Kendall's decades of spiritual practice and teaching energy awareness. I believe it contains all I would need to further deepen my own practice leading toward a continuing experience of the warmth and lightness of being"

Anonda Berg

Finding Yes: The First Step is not intended for medical treatment, psychological or psychiatric therapy. This course is not facilitated by a medical professional. If you have a medical condition or concern, please consult a licensed psychologist or mental health professional. 

Contact                             Email:

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