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Finding Yes Meditations

A Portal to Peace

In these times of great change many people are overcome with anxiety and stress and at the very least struggling to focus on the job at hand.

Join Kendall Anne Dixon as she shares her secret for tapping into the stress-free inner realm of the intuitive self, where peace and joy are our natural state.

Using her unique teaching methods (such as teaching through contrasts) Kendall will guide you into using Centering and Grounding techniques in ways you've never seen to immediately create more calm, peace, less noise in the head and an immediate sense of well-being.

This Portal to Peace is what we are all needing right now.

"Kendall teaches a method of centering which I've never come across before, and it has really improved my meditation practice!" -Natalie M

Discover the secret to reducing anxiety and stress
with Centering and Grounding


Learn how to Center and Ground, two essential tools of meditation that are rarely taught.

In this session you will experience


Step-by-Step how to Center: where you can experience a more quiet mind, relieve anxiety,stress and 
      access a state of neutrality.


The main cause of anxiety and how to reduce it immediately.

You will discover your most common form of focusing (when not Centered) your default-
      and how to shift quickly and easily into a more Centered state.


Step-by-Step Grounding tool that you will be able to implement immediately
     and use in any situation in your life.


Get back into the flow quickly and easily using the Centering and Grounding method!

" As a lawyer with a heavy left-brain orientation, I find Kendall's methods and insights invaluable to enlarge my perspective. I use her tools regularly to replenish my focus and energy, and to catch my cortisol when it's on a run. Which it is often. I have recommended her to many friends and colleagues and do so unreservedly here". W. Reed

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I’m Kendall Anne Dixon 
A Shiatsu Therapist, Energy Teacher and Healer with over 30 years of experience.


I’ve worked with people from all walks of life and around the world in groups and individual sessions teaching them to Center and Ground- helping them BE who they TRULY are, to connect directly with their inner wisdom so they can live healthier, happier lives with joy and purpose.


Kendall’s teaching is clear and relatable not overly esoteric or scientific,
yet leaving the student wanting more. 

H. Bourget

Normally, I only offer this course in expensive one-to-one sessions or classes that require a 4-6 week commitment.


 For a limited time I'm offering this live, on-line version as a Lunch and Learn. A convenient one-hour session for a group of ten or less.


This is only available by invitation and only for a short period of time.

You will need your invite code to purchase so please make sure you have that handy before buying.


If you don't have one, feel free to reach out to me personally via email to request one!

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