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Stay Present and Grounded in the Modern World

A step beyond meditation – dive into the

transformative power of Energy Awareness

with only 10 mins a day

Lost in
Life's Labyrinth?

Caught in a relentless cycle of uncertainty, anxiety, and fatigue, many feel trapped, directionless, and overwhelmed. Instead of clarity, your days are clouded with doubt, indecision, and a nagging feeling of being stuck.

It's a bitter reality – when you try everything, but are still consumed by weariness and internal turmoil.


But what if there's a lifeline, a key to breaking free from this exhausting cycle?

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Imagine if
  • could effortlessly break free from the chains of overwhelm, navigating life's most chaotic moments with grace and resilience.

  • ...there was a way to find a crystal-clear path amidst the fog of uncertainty, making every decision with conviction and assurance.

  • had the tools to dissipate the storm of anxiety, replacing it with a tranquil, serene mental landscape.

  • could consistently reclaim your center, pushing aside weariness and internal turmoil to stand tall and balanced in every situation.

  • ...every day greeted you with revitalized energy, free from the burdens of indecision and fatigue that once weighed you down.

It's more than meditation. 

Energy Awareness embodies change immediately.

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I'm Kendall Anne Dixon

A Shiatsu Therapist, Energy Teacher, and Healer for over 30 years. I've taught people from all walks of life, in groups and in individual sessions to Center and Ground, helping them to live as Essence and learn to connect directly with their inner wisdom and intuition. So they can live healthier, happier lives with purpose.

The idea for Finding Yes: The First Step came as a question I asked myself recently; with so many people experiencing stress, anxiety and uncertainty, and with all the real world challenges like climate change, a world-wide pandemic, and financial insecurity.....well it just occurred to me that the energy tools I teach would be of so much use right now.

So I asked myself a question: How can I help? What can I teach people right now that would be of help to them? That they can learn quickly, begin practising immediately, and get results right away?

I didn't ask 'how can I teach my whole Energy Awareness course' that can take weeks to teach and integrate...

I simply asked 'How can I help right now' and the answer was simple and clear - the First Step, teach them to Center and Ground - two simple yet potent and effective tools for accessing a state of neutrality (to help eliminate stress, anxiety, panic) and for learning to access and live as Essence - which means being more connected with your inner wisdom and intuition. Grounding, to make it real, and be able to bring that inner wisdom and guidance into your every day life, so you can make choices are decisions that are in your highest good. 

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Does any of this sound like you?

Do you meditate, but can't hold onto the state throughout the day?

Does your mind always race and constantly analyze everything detail? 


Do you struggle with anxiety and negative self-talk... asking can I ever find peace and self-worth?

Do you want to find the mental 'off' switch?


Well, that's exactly what you can learn with my new course!


You will learn how to 

How to ground and center

Find your center and stay grounded with tools to use in any moment and situation

Inhabit your Aura as Essence 

 Create and maintain aura boundaries and retain what is yours and block what isn't

Create and destory energies

Conjure energy to aid your focus and separate from energies not serving you

When you learn to Centre, in the Center of your head, your mind is quieter and you have an opportunity to connect with who you are as Essence, which means you have a better connection with your intuition. 

When you Ground, you have the ability to bring that into reality - to make it real.

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 Master Energy Awareness
  • X Hours with of course content 

  • X Tools and techniques 

  • The full curriculum as a PDF

  • 5 Audio/Video recordings of the curriculum - step-by-step guidance 

  • BONUS! Get my 151-page E-Book on the Finding Yes: The First Step

  • BONUS! 6 Video/Audio Recordings of the e-book 



"I found this gentle and profound course to be a clear distillation of Kendall's decades of spiritual practice and teaching energy awareness. I believe it contains all I would need to further deepen my own practice leading toward a continuing experience of the warmth and lightness of being".

- Anonda Berg

Finding Yes: The First Step is not intended for medical treatment, psychological or psychiatric therapy. This course is not facilitated by a medical professional. If you have a medical condition or concern, please consult a licensed psychologist or mental health professional. If you have been diagnosed with mental health illness consult your health care professional before using this course. The material in the course is based on personal experience and is for educational and information purposes only. Meditation and Energy Awareness tools are not substitutes for professional medical advice and help. 

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