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Autumn Enchantment
Fall Energy Reading Special with Kendall Anne Dixon!

               Gain invaluable insights and empower your journey with an Energy Reading

                                           by Kendall Anne Dixon. Don't miss out! 🔮🌟

During a 45-minute session, Kendall provides valuable insights into your ongoing growth cycle. You'll gain clarity on your current position within the cycle and the essence of your learning journey. Plus, there's ample time for 2-3 questions and a glimpse into a relevant past life shaping your present.

Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.

In an extended 60-minute session, Kendall goes even deeper into your growth cycle, offering a comprehensive understanding of your current position and the intricate nuances of your learning journey. With the added time, you'll have the opportunity for more in-depth exploration of 2-3 questions, an exploration of 2 or more relevant past life, and the potential for guided exercises or personalized practices to further empower your personal growth and transformation.

Meet Kendall Anne Dixon, a gifted energy reader with a lifelong affinity for the mystical. Kendall's intuitive abilities have been evident since her childhood, and she has honed them through extensive training with a master energy healer and reader, ultimately becoming a respected teacher and reader in her own right.

As a third-generation psychic, Kendall possesses a unique set of gifts. She can pinpoint where you stand in your personal growth journey, delve into your relevant past lives, and provide answers to questions about health, relationships, and your life path.

If you're seeking clarity in life—whether it's related to your health, spiritual progress, or understanding your current energy dynamics—Kendall's profound insights and compassionate presence are here to empower your journey.


Kendall Dixon: Spiritual Coach and Intuitive Healer


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