Energy Reading-60 minutes

Energy Reading-60 minutes

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An Energy Awareness Reading with Kendall Dixon, 60 minutes, via zoom, Facetime or Skype.

  • Energy Reading

    As Spiritual Beings, inhabiting a physical body we are here to grow and the way we do that is by learning. 

    Energetically  we are always in a growth cycle. Receiving information about that cycle, where we are in it, and the quality of it can be very valuable. 

    Kendall Anne Dixon has been able to see and read energy since she was a child. She also trained with a master energy healer and reader becoming a teacher and reader herself.

    As a third generation psychic her gifts are the ability to name where a person is in their current growth cycle, read relevent past lives, and answer questions on health, relationships, and life path.

    If you are looking for clarity in your life regarding health, spiritual growth or current energy dynamics, Kendall's insight and caring presence can assist. 



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