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Don't miss this rare chance to reconnect with Kendall Anne Dixon or experience her magic anew! Get a 45-min reading for just $67. Feel free to upgrade to 60 mins! Hurry, offer valid until Sept 31 or slots fill up. 🌟 If you want to upgrade to 60 min. then choose the 60 min. one :)


This is an on-line reading only!


Autumn Enchantment: Fall Energy Reading Special!

C$90.00 Regular Price
C$67.50Sale Price
Excluding GST/HST
  • As spiritual beings in physical form, our journey is one of continuous growth through learning and evolving energetically. Discover the invaluable insights that can be gained from understanding your unique growth cycle, its current phase, and its quality.

    Meet Kendall Anne Dixon, a gifted energy reader with a lifelong affinity for the mystical. Kendall's intuitive abilities have been evident since her childhood, and she has honed them through extensive training with a master energy healer and reader, ultimately becoming a respected teacher and reader in her own right.
    As a third-generation psychic, Kendall possesses a unique set of gifts. She can pinpoint where you stand in your personal growth journey, delve into your relevant past lives, and provide answers to questions about health, relationships, and your life path.

    If you're seeking clarity in life—whether it's related to your health, spiritual progress, or understanding your current energy dynamics—Kendall's profound insights and compassionate presence are here to empower your journey.


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